Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to Be a Source for Good

In my last post I wrote about the definition of a mother as someone who nurtures–someone who is a source of good. That leads to the question, “How do we do it? How do we mother no matter what our maternal status?” The answer is that we nurture by (1) Learning, (2) exemplifying, and (3) ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ. At first that sounds overwhelming, but it is really very simple. The gospel of Jesus Christ can be summarized in four basic ideas. If we understand, live, and teach these four things we will be sources of all that is good. The four foundational principles of the gospel that we need to understand are:
1. Who God is and our relationship to Him.
2. Agency–what it is and how we use it.
3. Jesus Christ–who He is and why we need Him.
4. The Holy Ghost-who He is and how He works in our lives.
During the next week I will post an entry for each of these four. In the meantime, take time to observe your own activities and watch how these principles inform your life. And PLEASE leave your comments about how to learn, exemplify and minister these principles.


Laresa said...

I want you to post the responses sooner than later.

Talena said...

Mom, you are amazing! I love how you can put everything into beautiful words and meaningful passages.