Saturday, September 6, 2008

Prosper in the Land

When I think back on my growing up years, the first thought that comes to me is that nothing went right. It seems that trials and tribulations were all my family encountered at every turn. My mother had undulant fever. My father contracted encephalitis from a mosquito bite and almost died. Our house burned down. Dad started several businesses and problems plagued every one of them. Dad had blood clots in his lungs. Financial problems hung over us like a storm that wouldn't abate. I could go on, but this is enough to give you a feel for the things that plagued us.

Despite all of this, my parents were always faithful in the Church. They paid a full tithe. They studied the scriptures. They attended the temple often. They taught us. They served in the Church and were always very active. The problem with all of this is that I kept hearing and reading verses of scriptures such as that found in 2 Nephi 1:20; "Inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land." I saw that my parents were diligently trying to keep the commandments, but they weren't prospering. This bothered me a lot and challenged my testimony.

It took years of study and gospel scrutiny for me to finally realize what the Lord means when he says "prosper in the land." I should have caught on from the very verse I just quoted. The rest of that verse says, "But inasmuch as ye will not keep my commandments ye shall be cut off from my presence." I was always so caught up in the "prosper" part that I didn't see that the opposite of prospering has nothing to do with wealth. The opposite is to be cut off from the Lord. This led me to the realization that this earth is one day going to be the celestial kingdom. So to prosper in the land means to stay here—to be part of the celestial kingdom. This is explained in Proverbs 2:21-22, "For the upright shall dwell in the land, and the perfect shall remain in it. But the wicked shall be cut off from the earth, and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it."

While it is true that righteous people often acquire more earthly prosperity, it doesn't always happen. There are many righteous people who struggle financially and many wicked people who don't. But righteous people will always acquire faith and will "prosper in the land" in that they will receive a celestial inheritance in this land.

When I think back on my growing up years, my second thought is that everything went exactly as it was supposed to. My parents had faith. What more could I ask for?


Knowles Family said...

Thank you Sherrie for once again helping me see things in a different light. I really appreciate your blog and thoughts so much. Thank you!

Connie said...

You do have a knack for pointing out things that I should have noticed but did not think of! Thanks!

Eric Poulin said...

You point out an interesting nuance to the promise "thou shalt prosper in the land". However, "prosper" as used in the scriptures DOES also refer to monetary gain. See the below as an example:

"Behold, these are the ungodly, who prosper in the world; they increase in riches."(Old Testament | Psalms 73:12)

My take on "prosper" is a growth or ain in your goals. So you can prosper by gaining lands, wealth, converts, etc... and if you are keeping the commandments, your goals will be righteous ones.

A further example:

"And it came to pass that they began to prosper by degrees in the land, and began to raise grain more abundantly, and flocks, and herds, that they did not suffer with hunger" (Book of Mormon | Mosiah 21:16)

This is clearly talking about wealth, in terms of their farming lifestyle - an increase in their crops and animals. No doubt it was a spiritual blessing to them, but wealth is definitely part of the equation.

True, we are not all blessed with wealth, but perhaps your parents spiritual needs were not to be met with wealth. The Lord knows that we need.

19 And it came to pass that they began to prosper exceedingly in the land; and they called the land aHelam.

(Book of Mormon | Mosiah 23:19)

And it came to pass that they did multiply and prosper exceedingly in the land of Helam; and they built a

(Book of Mormon | Mosiah 23:20)

church; and they began again to have peace and to prosper exceedingly in the affairs of the church, walking circumspectly before

(Book of Mormon | Mosiah 26:37)

of the land.
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him over the crops of your fields, that ye may prosper in them.
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as ye shall keep the commandments of God ye shall prosper in the land.
2 I would that ye should do as

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as ye shall keep the commandments of God ye shall bprosper in the land; and ye ought to know also, that

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this compass (now these things were temporal) they did not prosper; even so it is with things which are spiritual.
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The invading Lamanites are unable

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The Nephites prosper—Pride, wealth, and class distinctions arise—The Church is rent

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and for eternity;
25 That no weapon aformed against them shall prosper; that he who diggeth a bpit for them shall fall

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Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Eric, Thank you for your comment. I love comments! And tou are absolutely right; the Lord does often increase our wealth, but most of us already know that. I was just trying to point out that there are also other ways this promise is fulfilled.