Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Skip and Sway

Last night, tired after teaching three classes ending at 6:40 pm, I walked out of the building to go to my car which was parked about 150 yards away and found the skies weeping profusely. I don't know what the sky was so sad about, maybe how cold it had turned, but I had to navigate to my car without an umbrella or other fixtures with which to protect myself from the tears.

But I Live in Truth and the Truth was that it was raining. Weeping skies are something I can't change so I had two choices. I could get all grumpy and ornery and fill myself with the pain that is better known as self-pity or I could live with the rain. Like I said, I Live in Truth so there was really only one thing to do and I did it. I started humming, "I'm Singing in the Rain" not at all like Gene Kelly does it, but you might recognize it if you heard it. (I'm not a singer!) Then the magic happened. The music began to dance in me so that I found myself skipping, swaying and splashing my way to the car, arriving wet but in very good spirits.

The water dried shortly after I arrived home, and I am still laughing about my dance to the car. Oh what a beautiful life Truth is!

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