Sunday, June 16, 2013

Some Decisions Made

I am happy to announce that I am going to be resuming my blog.

I do thank the many of you who left comments or who emailed me to express your thanks for the blog. Your kindness was much appreciated.

But I am not going to begin immediately. I have been doing a lot of reflection and study lately and I am going to take this opportunity to revamp the blog to make it more helpful, and when I resume it will have two parts. One part will be spiritual and scriptural insight and the other will be life-coaching on how to implement the principles of Walking in Truth! (The change from Living to Walking is one of the first changes.)

I am very excited, but the next few weeks are filled with family. (Our Johnson Camp is being held in St. George this year and my children are coming in from all over the United States to spend a week or two together.) So stay tuned and I'll let you know when I'm ready to launch again.

In the meantime, if any of you have stories of how living the principles of Truth have helped you, please either email them to me or leave a comment here. Let's help each other!


Mike and Julie said...

Great news! Enjoy that family time.

6L's said...

yay!! enjoy your family camp, what fun memories to be made!

GmaMills said...

I'm looking forward to reading both sections. Living in truth ideas have helped me keep emotions in check during many "vexing" and potentially difficult moments. Hope you will be at education week this year!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I have been checking your site hoping you would start up again. Can't wait. Great idea. Have a nice time with your family.

Yoko said...

Thank you for your decision to continue your blog. I look forward to reading your posts again. Your posts have been blessings in my life.