Sunday, January 27, 2008

The John Johnson Home

This is the bedroom in the John Johnson home in Hyrum, Ohio, that most people believe Joseph Smith was dragged from in the middle of the night and tarred and feathered. Upstairs in this same home, 16 revelations were received including one of my favorite chapters of scripture, D&C 76. We were able to sit in the Revelation Room for a long time. An incredible peace filled the room and spread through me as I pondered all that had occurred in that room. The gospel was brought to us at such an enormous cost. Obviously Joseph and Emma paid a great price, but so many people whose names no one would recognize also sacrificed dearly for what they believed in. People, like the Johnsons, made room for the Smiths in their homes. Others gave their last dollars, or sacrificed family and friends. Walking in Kirtland brought the stories to life and helped me remember how very much I owe to these people. I hope I won't take all they did for granted.

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