Friday, May 16, 2008

Dancing in the Rain

Now that my children are grown and all have children of their own, I look back on my days of mothering with different eyes. I do remember the overwhelmed feelings caused by laundry, getting meals on, disciplining, bathing, diapering, finances, homework, and so many other things. But what comes to mind most often now are the good times–the camping trips, sitting around the table after Sunday dinner visiting, snuggling, reading together, and gathering around the piano to sing, I miss those times a lot.
There is one memory that I especially love. Late one night after all the kids were in bed and asleep it started to rain–not just a sprinkle. Water poured down in great streams. I watched for a few minutes out the window as I was getting ready for bed. Light coming from the street lamp on the corner shined magically through the cascading rain and reflected in the large puddles forming on the lawn.
Suddenly, without giving it much thought, I woke up the children and marched them out into the rain. In our pajamas, we lifted our faces to accept the rain’s kiss. We opened our mouths and drank in the heavenly water. We danced, we ran in circles, we splashed, we played airplanes, we laughed, we sang, we joined hands and played ring-around-the-rosies, falling into the puddles and feeling the tickle of wet grass against our legs.
Hearing the laughter Carl joined us and we played until everyone was soaked to the skin. Then we went inside, changed into dry pajamas and drank hot chocolate–still giggling. It was way past bed time and that wasn’t the only family rule broken, but none of that really ever mattered. I can’t remember if we were on time for scripture study the next morning or even on time for school. I don’t remember any burden from washing all those pajamas and towels. All I remember is the love and joy I felt for my children and for my Heavenly Father as we danced in the rain.
Lookingback on my days of mothering, the only regret I now have is that I worried too much about things such as bed time and laundry. I wish I had spent more time dancing in the rain.

Please leave stories of the memory making things you've done with your family for others to see!


Laresa said...

I have been trying to rack my brain on what story I could tell you. I think what is really hard is I am in the stage right now of diapers, laundry all over the place, dishes, carpooling. So since I am right in the middle of that I can't think of dancing in the rain. But I am not going to give up I am going to keep thinking. I knwo I have a story in the back of my mind.

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

If you can't think of one, make one. Drop all those things you listed and "dance!" Make a new memory.

connie said...

Oh my! You and Laresa had me tearful in a good way this morning.
I absolutely love that you did this! Do your children remember it as well as you do? My children were telling some friends about their childhood the other evening and they remembered some things that I did not remember! We often would get up on a Saturday, pack a lunch and take off with no known destination...maybe the lake, a mountain, the beach. Those were the best times, no big plan just enjoying one another's company! The children loved it b/c I would ask which way, right or left? My youngest daughter, the grandchildren and I did this recently and we had the absolute BEST day at Swan Lake and Iris Gardens.

Wendi said...

This is just silly and little--but it was still one of those moments that warmed my heart.

My son who is 9 and my daughter who is 12 spent about two hours last night making paper airplanes and snowflakes--in JULY! (They also made "count-down" rings out of construction paper and tape until school starts next month.) They probably went through 100 sheets of paper. Normally I would obsess about picking up all the little bits of paper, but instead, I got out my camera and took pictures and video clips. It was so fun to listen to their laughter and conversation. It warmed my heart and we all went to bed so happy last night. :)