Friday, August 7, 2009

A Lesson in Trust

I have an appointment for my next MRI to see if Grizelda is gone for good. This waiting to know what is happening inside me is a very interesting thing. Both times the tumor has been discovered, I’ve felt fine. There were no symptoms, no reason for me to be concerned. And yet growing inside me was a dangerous tumor.

It has made me wonder how many other dangerous things are lurking or have been lurking in my life without me knowing it. Sometimes, as with Grizelda, I eventually find out. But how many things have happened that I never have discovered? Perhaps an automobile accident that I was spared because the Spirit prompted me to go a different direction, or a child prevented me from getting out of the house on time so that I wasn’t at the place the accident would have happened when it would have happened. Perhaps what I’ve thought was a terrible nuisance was really a blessing.

It will be interesting to someday look back on our lives and see the many times the Lord intervened to help us and we didn’t have a clue that He was there or that He was helping. What Grizelda has taught me is to be more vigilant in looking for these things and to trust that even when I can’t see the reasoning for something, the Lord has a reason for everything.



Anonymous said...

I have had an experience that especially reinforced this to me. I was driving on the freeway out to see my mother when the strongest voice in my head said "Get off here". It was the 4th north exit and I wanted the Parrish Lane exit which is closer to my mom's house, so I jut kept going and an even stronger voice said "Get off here now". So I did. I was confused when I got to my mom's house and there were no accidents, or fires or problems of any kind. So why did I need to take that exit? I have thought about it many times and have come to the same conclusion each time. We don't always know why, and maybe in obeying, I was allowed to be in a different place which avoided something dangerous for me, but maybe for others also, if I had been in the wrong place. Maybe someday I'll know or maybe not, but I am very grateful for the Spirit that protects us from dangers we do not see. I hope your appointment goes well. It is time for Grizelda to move on. You've got things to do and places to be. :)

Wendi said...

Good luck with your appointment and good riddance to Grizelda.

I just saw Mariah and Eli at the Hogle Zoo. They were on the carousel and I waved at her. We've never met in real life, so she didn't recognize me at first, since I was wearing a hat because we're on vacation. But when I told her my name and brought up the blogs, she smiled and waved. I had my son take a picture of us after they got off the carousel. Small world! :)

Becky Rose said...

I thought you'd be going in a different direction after that first paragraph. Like how many other spiritual or not so spiritual things are growing with in us that we don't notice at first until sometimes It's SO big or even to big to remove- although with repentance that is not the case. But if we had noticed earlier it would have been an easier removal since it was smaller.

Perfect example is lauguage. I picked up some swearing in the 4th grade. I've been in spurts in my life, when it has not been a part of my life and when friends have insisted that it stop. I wish I had never picked it up to begin with. It's like a snake, no matter how docile it seems - it will bite you! The stick in the Old Testament that becomes a snake. But it has bit and its hard to get rid of the effects. When I'm angry the snake comes out of my mouth. When I ran a read light yesterday on accident it came out. I didn't know it would grow in me like that in the 4th grade. It's so important to go to The Great Physician and the temporal physicians too.

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Cathie, Thanks for adding that story. It is interesting what we don't know!!!!

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Wendi, What a small world! I didn't even know they went to the zoo. I've been at girl's camp!

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Becky, Thanks for adding your version of what I started. I like your ideas and they are so true!