Monday, January 18, 2010


My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and that always causes me to reflect on all the years that have gone by. Life hasn’t turned out the way I planned. Some things have been disappointing and other things have been delightful surprises—better than what I planned. Some things I’d do again. Some things I’d do very differently. I’ve learned a lot and wish I’d learned more. It is amazing what you can see at this end of life—how different life looks. I wish I could have seen it from this perspective earlier, but I guess that is what life is all about—learning, growing, and changing.

With thinking about the past I’m also remembering the people that have played such an important part in my life. There are friends, mentors, teachers, and some people who I didn’t know well but who set such a great example for me. Some of these people have no idea what an influence they had on my life. Two friends from high school stopped by the other day. I didn’t associate with them a lot after school, but had classes with them and learned from them and watched how they approached life. They are wonderful women and taught me so much. I hadn’t seen them for decades and it was so fun to visit with them again and find that they are just as fantastic (even more so!) than they were back in high school.

In short, one of the things I’m realizing as I grow older is how much the people God has placed in my life have influenced me. I am who I am, to a large degree, because of these people, and I am very, very grateful for them. The people in my past and the people around me now sustain me, bring me joy, keep me laughing, and make life worth living.

So thank you to friends, family, teachers, mentors, and anyone who has cared about me even the tiniest little bit which means you if you are reading this blog. I love you!


Wendi said...

Thank you for the good influence you've had on my life also, Sherrie. I love you back! :)

SuSu said...

I echo your feelings. As I step back and look at my life I'm humbled by the people that God has placed in my life for my betterment. He knows us and He is directing our journey and for me knowing this makes the journey oh so much sweeter.

Anonymous said...

What you say is so true and I hope you realize all the people you have influenced by your example, teachings and a most loving heart. I have benefited from knowing you so much, appreciate your friendship more than you know. May it continue forward into the new phases of our lives. Friends who knew each other as little girls and end up sharing the joy of Grandmahood are blessed indeed. Thank you.!!
Cathie xoxoxo

dani said...

I feel the same gratitude for many who have crossed my path-those I have known well and others who I didn't but were still a shining light :).