Saturday, January 9, 2010

What You Need Is On It's Way

I’m learning a lot of lessons lately. Ever since Grizelda was discovered I feel like I’ve been undergoing an intensive study in life. It’s like a cram course in life principles!

One of the things I’ve learned is that God puts in your path and gives you the very things you need at the very moment you need them. You can absolutely trust in that. You don’t have to worry or fret about what you need because it will be there at exactly the moment you need it. The people you need, the things you need, the direction you need, the experiences you need will all appear exactly at the moment you need them. But you have to watch for it. If you are discouraged suddenly something or someone will come to encourage you. If you are hurting something or someone will come to ease the pain. If you are joyous something or someone will come to share it with you. If you need to know which direction to take something or someone will appear to guide you.

But you have to be watching.

I also have learned that the Lord sends these things, but as mortals we often slam the door on the very thing that is being sent to help us. We get so caught up in the magnitude of our problems that we don’t notice or accept the tender mercies that are sent to help us.

So watch! Be open and eager for the things that will meet your needs. They are coming. That is a promise.


Wendi said...

I whole-heartedly agree. I've had that happen more times than I can count. In fact, it happens almost every day on your blog. :)

SuSu said...

So so true. I see it happen every day in my life and in the life of those around me. This is a daily testimony strengthener.

Emily said...

OH i just LOVE this thought. Thank you for posting it today. The Lord knew that I needed this thought, right now!

Sometimes when I'm not feeling exactly humble, I think that because I'm righteous, the Lord will give me what I want when I want it. But He does much better than that: He gives me what I need when I need it!


Gosh I love your blog! Every message is a gem to treasure and your unique illustrations always amaze me. Thank you. Thank you.

dani said...

And the same thing with 'afflictions', He allows them for our growth and to give us opportunities to become like Him :).