Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Sabbath!

Today is a day of rest. (I know, I used to laugh about that, too. Parents and rest is oxymoron! But, rest from your worries, stresses, cares, concerns.)
Today is a day to renew yourself so you can make it through the rest of the week. (I know, it's still the time thing, but as you free your mind of worries, stresses, cares, concerns, etc. there is room for thoughts of gratitude, charity, and love. That renews!)
Be holy.
Soak in the Holiness of the day. (The Lord made the Sabbath day holy and told us to keep it that way--we don't make it holy.)
And the best way to rest, renew and fill ourselves with the holiness of the Sabbath is to love. So love. Whatever is in front of you, beside you, or around you love it! That is the spirit of the Sabbath.


Miss Amy said...

i can feel a real physical change in myself on the Sabbath. it's a warm hug, a weight lifted from my shoulders, a deep and relaxing breath. i'm so grateful for each and every sunday.

Wendi said...

You captured the essence of the Sabbath in this post. Thanks, Sherrie. :)