Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank Goodness for Truth Tools!

I got along fine during the MRI and MRA that were done on Tuesday, but now I am using every Truth Tool I know to keep from worrying while I wait for the results. Once again I am so grateful that I learned these things before Grizelda was discovered. I never would have made it through this experience without those Tools.

When Grizelda was first discovered I was blessed with an incredible calm. I didn’t experience fear or worry. There was some stress and I was upset that I wouldn’t be able to teach, but as to myself and my health, I was very unconcerned. I realize now that it was a beautiful gift from my Father in Heaven. I also know from the blessings I’ve been given that eventually everything is going to be fine. I will not lose my eyesight and I will regain my full health, but as I await the results of this MRI I find myself worrying a little and needing to use the Truth Tools and I can tell you—They Work!

Anchoring is my favorite Tool and it works especially well when I start to feel stressed. When I find myself thinking, “What if. . .” I know immediately I’m headed for the Pit and that I need to change my thinking. So I remember the words of the blessings and Revise the negative “What-If” story that is playing in my head to a positive story. I also have found the Questioning Tool very helpful. When my mind begins to horriblize, I stop and ask, “Is that true?” and I usually end up laughing at myself. In short, even though I haven’t had the same overwhelming gift of peace this time, I’ve been able to stay in Truth thanks to the Truth Tools.

I was told in the blessing I received the night before the surgery that I would need to be patient. I’ve never been good at patience, but I’m beginning to realize that the Truth Tools are all about patience. They bring me back to peace and joy when I start to slip into the Pit of Illusion.


Wendi said...

Anchoring helps me too. And when I start to horriblize (I love that word, by the way!), I start by asking myself "What is the WORST thing that could happen?" When I realize that probably won't happen, then I can deal with the realities of what COULD actually happen. After that, I can start living in Truth again. I usually have to take it step by step like that, though, since my mind often spins out of control before I even realize it's happening.

Wendi said...

P.S. I'm praying for you and hope the results are hopeful tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if we could just keep that frame of mind that lets us feel at peace all the time. Unfortunately, some of the difficult experiences in life make us really work for it, and I think that is nothing to feel bad about. The truth tools are a wonderful blessing to be pulled out anytime, but especially worrisome and frightening times. You've been through so much, for an important reason, I'm sure, and I am praying that all your results will be the kind that are much easier and happier to live with. Grizelda really has worn out her welcome and you are such a pillar to the rest of us, I'm praying for it all to be a problem of the past. xoxoxo Cathie