Monday, February 15, 2010

Give Yourself a Valentine Gift!

The older I get the more I realize that it isn’t the big things in life that get me; it’s the little things. Some big adversity befalls us and family, neighbors, and friends rally around to help us. But the daily negative thoughts and feelings that assault us can be devastating if left unheeded and so often we don’t stop to realize that we have control over those thoughts and feelings. Thus the negative feelings continue to wage war against us.

So I have a proposal for you to consider. Yesterday we gave everyone we love Valentines. Today let’s give ourselves one. Watch for any sign of negative thoughts or feelings that creep into the heart and at the first inclination of Illusion, use a Truth Tool to change the feeling to something positive. I’m going to watch the stories I tell myself and if they are negative I’m going to Revise them. Any little annoyance, I’m going to find something good (the Good Courage Tool) about the situation. Anything I think shouldn’t be happening, I’m going to Question if that is truth or not.

In short, I’m going to concentrate on controlling my feelings instead of letting my feelings control me. If you decide to join me, let me know how it goes. I love hearing your stories.


Anonymous said...

Very good advice and very timely! Yesterday was a beautiful day, but a sad one, too, as went to the viewing of our beloved home teacher of 9 years. I was glad to go and pay our respects, but it took along time, and we got home in time to get ready for bed. I found myself this morning waking up in a very down mood, very teary and not able to shake it off. After reading your post, I decided to focus on all the good things today and all the blessings we had in knowing such a wonderful man. As the day has gone on and I've been focused on the good memories and the other good things in my life, my mood has gotten better and better. I can say I honestly feel happier now, and can be grateful to our home teacher in a positive way instead of a sad, painful way. Sometimes it is really a challenge not to focus on the loss, but instead embrace all the positive things we've gained from that relationship. Thank you for reminding me, and especially thank you for reminding me today.

Sara said...

Great post. I've been thinking along the same lines the past few days. I had a terrible argument with someone dear to my family. My girls were nearby and watching. They are 3 and 1. I knew they were tense themselves from the situation and realized I didn't want them to believe this was how women were to be treated. So I let my anger control the situation in the name of showing my girls to stand up for themselves. After all was said and done and the aftermath took effect I realized that I should have showed them to have the confidence to know that the things being told were not true. To turn the other cheek and simply say, "I disagree." I pray that next time I can use your truth tools to my advantage and show my girls how to have confidence and control the situation in a more calming manner. My valentine is the resolve to discover how to teach my girls to become righteous, couragous, confident women.

Anonymous said...

Sherrie Thanks for your beautiful thoughts. I am amaze at how your insight are so true. I long to live in truth with you. Thank you. You do not know me. It seems one sided this relationship but I am coming to know you and you are a great example of how to listen and live as the savior once did and will live again.
Sheryl Vernon