Friday, June 5, 2009

You Can Revise

The Truth Tool, Revision, is a powerful tool to use just before you go to bed. Just before you go to sleep, think about the things during the day that pulled you away from Living in Truth and into Illusion. Then Revise the story you told yourself that caused you to enter the realm of Illusion. Tell yourself the revised story and let the positive feelings go to sleep with you.

For example, let’s say that you saw on a friend’s blog that she had pictures of an outing with some other friends. They were all gathered at a restaurant having lunch. She reported all the fun things they did, but as you read the blog you are vexed by the thought that she didn’t invite you. All the rest of the day the thought nagged at you and made you sad. You began to write a story about, “Why do I always get left out?” or “They should invite more people.”

Before you go to sleep, take the thoughts you have been thinking—the story you have been telling yourself and revise it. It could become, “I’m going to invite them to lunch.” (There can be no feeling of revenge in this—just joy at making a new opportunity!) or thoughts such as, “She probably tried to call me and I wasn’t home.” Or “Maybe she just forgot.” Or (There is a probability that these things could be true and even if they aren’t, why go around with horrible feelings when you could change them with this simple thought?) Or you could think, “It doesn’t really matter. I’ve gone out to lunch a lot of times with other friends. I don't need to be included every time.” You get the idea. There are hundreds of ways to rewrite the story.

After changing the story you are telling yourself, begin to think about what you are going to do tomorrow to make someone else happy. Go to sleep with those thoughts in your head and then the next day do whatever you determined to do. You choose your thoughts! Make them good thoughts.


Wendi said...

This is helpful for those of us who suffer from insomnia and worrying before bed. Thanks! Oh, and thanks for becoming my Facebook friend. :)

Laresa said...

I can't think about thoughts like this before I go to bed, because then I don't sleep. But I apply your principles during the day and it sure does help.