Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Dad

Since today is Father’s Day, I’d like to pay a special tribute to my own father. Because of him I love to read. Because of him I love to write. Because of him I love the scriptures. I have a wonderful mother and I love her dearly, but she and I are so different that sometimes I wonder if we aren’t from different planets. But my dad and I are so much alike that I find it almost eerie how I have ended up living out his dreams.

When I was young I always felt safe when Dad was around. He was a tall, broad shouldered man and I could spot him in a crowd both because he was tall and because he had a very distinct, confident gait. I remember many nights falling asleep to the sound of dad walking through the house turning out lights and locking the doors. I always knew that he was there to safeguard and protect me at all times.

As I grew through the teen years, Dad was always available to talk something through. He always had a story to illustrate his point and he always listened without telling me I shouldn't think or feel what I was feeling.

Growing up I didn’t appreciate all that went into him being the man he was. His parents died before I could know them and so I didn’t realize how he had risen above his environment. The oldest of three boys, Dad was the only one to be active in the Church. One brother later came into the Church, but it was too late for most of his family to be raised with gospel values. But Dad served a mission, married in the temple, was always active, and instilled in his five children (who are all active in the Church) a love for the Savior and a strong desire to do what is right.

I always knew that if I ever needed anything, Dad would be there for me. I miss him, and on this Father’s Day am grateful for the many years he was here for me. I'm confident he's watching over me still.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said and you are truly your father's daughter. xoxox

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Cathie, Thank you! That's the nicest thing you could say to me.

Wendi said...

What a neat tribute to your father. :)

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Wendi, Thank you. You have a very amazing father also!!

Debbie Feller said...

Aren't Dads amazing...I had a wonderful one, too!!! How are you Sherrie???