Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finding The Kingdom of God

At one point in His teachings, Jesus said to the people, “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21).

The implications of this verse are amazing. We don’t need to wait for peace or joy or happiness or the Kingdom of God. They are available to us in any moment. It is what Living in Truth is all about. When we accept what is and then simply do what needs to be done, we are living in a heavenly way. Chaos and tumult and unrest can surround us, but inside we experience the kingdom of God and all its positive qualities.

As we learn to use the Truth Tools, we facilitate the kingdom of God. We learn how to tune into Truth and the attending peace and joy that are part of the kingdom of God. As we let go of this world and trust in God, we enter the kingdom of God. We don’t need to wait for it! It is already here. All we need to do is let it flow from us.



My Favorite Things said...

hmmmmm. Something to think about. While there is not any chaos around me, except for last night's hair coloring fiasco but I'm not feeling happiness joy or peace. I just exist and wonder when happy will be back. Seem like there just isn't a lot and something big needs to happen, which I know is wrong, because then you'd need Big things to happen all the time and I know that is not how life works. I've been happy with the simple things before, but life seems so bla right now.

Wendi said...

I can certainly empathize with what My Favorite Things is saying. I've struggled with clinical depression and bi-polar disorder for years. The medicine I'm taking right now has helped a lot. It hasn't cured me, unfortunately, but that's where the Truth Tools and the Atonement have benefitted me. They help me cope. Some days are still better than others. But I certainly have been thankful for the blessings of modern medicine. :)