Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's Football Season

It’s football season. It’s all I’ve heard about all week. Now I’m not big into football like the rest of my family is—including most of the females. But Living in Truth means I can resent the time they watch and talk football and make myself very miserable (Unnecessary Pain!) or I can enjoy watching them enjoy football. So that’s what I do. While they watch football, I may look like I’m watching the game, but I’m really watching them.

As far as football goes I’m like Erma Bombeck who quipped that she tried to learn the rules but at one game she drew a lot of attention to herself when she shouted out, “Just one more perversion and we win the game!” (Try that one out on the football fans in your family!)

But even though football isn’t my thing, my thing is family and I love watching how excited they get! And I mean SOOO excited—especially when BYU is winning. And their excitement is catching. So today instead of catching a little football—I’m going to Live in Truth and catch a little excitement. After all, every life can use a little bit of that.

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