Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Turn On The Good!

One of the most amazing things about this beautiful world is how much good there is in it. Any where you look you can find beauty and goodness and wonder. I know if you listen to the political talk shows or read the newspaper it sometimes convinces you otherwise, but there is so much good in life that no one is talking about or noticing and that is a shame.

There is an old story of a young girl who is afraid of the dark. Knowing this her grandmother always tucked her in bed and turned on a nightlight to keep her company while she slept. But one day the grandmother died and the young girl went to bed early crying over the loss of her grandmother. As she laid in her bed crying the dark came and added to her sorrow. Her sorrow turned into fright and she sobbed violently. “Go away dark!” she pleaded through her tears. “I don’t like you. Go away and never come back. I hate you!” But the dark just got darker and darker.

“Go away!” the girl cried again, and suddenly a deep, dark voice bellowed through the room, “You can’t fight the dark! Dark is dark and will always be dark.”

“No!” the girl cried louder and sobbed harder. “No, go away!” But as she spoke a soft, quiet voice that sounded a lot like her grandmother's whispered, “Just turn on the light.” Taking courage, the girl climbed from her bed, switched on the light,and the dark disappeared. “It is true; you can’t fight the dark,” the quiet voice whispered. “But dark can’t exist where there is light.”

Likewise when we dwell on and fight the negative things of life, we often create more negative. But when we dwell on the good and positive in life, we fill our lives with good so there is no room for the negative. So turn on the good!

The fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth. (Eph. 5:9).


Becky Rose said...

This is a good one. I think of it for others, but I should think of it for me. Especially for my work situation.

Wendi said...

You and my dad are the two most positive people I know. You both really practice this principle. Thanks for the good example! :)

Barb Elder said...

I love it. I so agree. We must look at the good to fight the negative. Thanks Sherri for sharing I am working on that. I find my life much happier when I look at the good. God is good.

SMJ said...

Becky, Like the little girl, when we are in the dark we forget that the light is just a switch away! Hang in there and keep the light shining!

SMJ said...

Wendi, I'll take being compared to your dad any day! He is a very fine man. Thanks!

SMJ said...

Barb, Thanks for the kind words and for adding your words. You are wonderful!