Sunday, September 27, 2009


Friday I spent most of the day wandering the mountains enjoying the autumn leaves. For part of the day, I took two of my grandsons to Cascade Springs. The drive there was magnificent. The rich colors were so vibrant they seemed unreal. No words can begin to describe the valley just before Cascade Springs. From the lookout you can see for hundreds of miles and all you can see are gorgeous patches of brilliant red, orange, mauve, peach, yellow and every shade of green.

As I looked out over the beautiful world God has created, it made me think a lot about the fact that the beauty I was seeing was created by Him with no help from me or any other human being. I think that my own life would be a lot more beautiful and happier if I didn’t try to interfere with what God is doing. Instead I should relax, accept, and move forward knowing that He knows what is best for me. He does good work and if I try to fight it, I only mess things up. I want my life to be like that valley. But in saying that, I have to remember that a few years ago a massive fire destroyed a great deal of that valley. We went up to see it later and instead of the beautiful scenery, there were gigantic black patches. There are still small traced of dead and blackened trees, but overall it is healed and the destruction fertilized and made way for beautiful new growth. It is now more beautiful that it has ever been. Life is like that.

(I'll post the picture of it later.)


Wendi said...

I loved your description. I can't wait to see the picture! :)

Cathy said...

Just as in life some of the darkest tragedies leave a most beautiful testimony in our hearts.