Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What a Blessing?

I’ve been having problems with Unga today. As you may have learned by now, I name everything and Unga is my computer. Actually there is Unga I and Unga II and I’m having problems with both of them. Unga I is my desktop and she is having virus problems. Unga II is my laptop and she is suffering from software disconnect. I won’t bore you with details, but trying to fix everything has given me ample opportunity to use the Truth Tools.

I may look like it, but I am not stressed. Instead I am filling my mind with Gratitude for computer geeks. They are amazing. I am also employing the great tool of Humor as I observe the strange looks I get from the computer geeks when I ask them a question. You would think I was speaking a foreign language to them—but then maybe I am. Not one to let a golden opportunity pass by, I’m memorizing the looks they give me so that I can recall them in the future when I need to make myself laugh.

I’ve Anchored myself so many times today that my rear-end (please pardon the French!) has turned to iron and I’m not sure I’ll be able to lift myself up off this chair. But I am still thinking Affirmatively, “I love this cheeky Unga. Unga works well. Unga loves me. We are going to solve poor Unga’s problems—soon.” About the only thing left is to turn on some good music and enjoy. After all, the Truth is Unga I and II are as stubborn as their master.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Fortunately I have a son and son-in-law who are master geeks and keep our computers in tip top shape. That is a good thing because my Truth would be that I'd be a crazy person trying to figure it out myself. I hope your rear-end returns to its' happy self very soon. :)

Wendi said...

I think it's funny that you pardoned your "French" when you wrote "rear- end". Also, I think Unga is a hilarious name for your computers. I'm lucky that I'm also married to a computer geek who helps me with my laptop woes. Good luck with it all! :)