Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bring on the Light!

In the first Epistle of John we read that “God is light, and in him is no darkness at all” (1 John 1:5). I’ve always understood the metaphor in that verse, but lately I’ve been pondering on how literal that is. I think of the things I equate with darkness in my own soul. Obviously sin and fear are darkness as are depression, discouragement, and doubt. But there are other things like worry and stress that fill me with darkness. Too often I think of these as just part of life unlike sin which has to be overcome.
But when I read John’s words I began to rethink the matter. If there is no darkness in God then obviously He doesn’t get depressed, discouraged, or doubt. But He also must not worry or stress.
Learning that is helping me. Lehi taught that “Man is that he might have joy,” (2 Nephi 2:25), and worry and stress are not part of joy. So when I begin to feel worry and stress darken my day, instead of just accepting them like I do sunshine or rain, I realize that they are choices and that I have the ability to choose them or joy and that God wants me to have joy. Then I use one of the Truth Tools to escape the dark and live in the Light of Truth where joy is found in great abundance.


The Texans said...

Hi Sherrie - I don't know how long your enforced make over picture has been out there! I love it! I hope you are doing well.

Wendi said...

I love this post! And that picture is so perfect!!! Thanks for sharing this. As you may know, I struggle daily with clinical depression, discouragement, and anxiety on all sorts of levels. Medicine has helped, the Atonement really helps, and your Truth Tools have been a great blessing in my life. I'm going to continue to try to improve each day. Thanks!! :)

P.S. If I'm feeling up to it on that day, I'm going to try to come to your class in my stake on Nov. 4th. My friend is the new Relief Society president in the ward next to ours and she told me about it one day when I went to visit her spontaneously on one of my walks. She knew I was a fan of your blog and I thought that my stopping by and her telling me about your class must not have been a coincidence. :)

Martha said...

Have you ever thought about the symbolism involved in the chandelier in each temple's Celestial room? The more I attend the temple, and the more I experience life, the more I see there. Most of it has to do with light, truth, and JOY. Fun to think about.

Machen family said...

Thank you for this post. I love how you pointed out that He doesn't stress! I also like to remember, that in a vision, Enoch saw God weep because of the wickedness of men which caused "bitterness of soul" within Enoch, but after that vision, God told Enoch to look and he was shown Christ. I guess that when you do feel despair it's all about where you "look".

dani said...

I enjoy reading your blog as well as the comments from your readers! I feel a connection to people that I haven't even met! I have discovered for myself that when I am feeling depressed or discouraged, it is difficult for me to just change my thoughts or focus (at least consciously saying to myself 'I need to change my thoughts or focus'), but when I take an action of 'work' or service to another, my thoughts and focus do change, and I start to feel a connection or feel better through having taken an action. As my mother always told me, 'If you're feeling depressed, do something for someone else and get your thoughts/focus off of yourself'. PS I am not claiming to apply this to anyone else, I just know that it helps me.