Friday, April 29, 2011

BYU Women's Conference 2011

It’s BYU Women’s Conference. I haven’t heard any statistics but this is the largest Women’s Conference I can remember. The Marriott Center was packed for Sister Beck’s talk this morning. It was an amazing talk on what she has learned from studying the history of Relief Society. She talked a lot about how the power of the priesthood should operate in our homes. She explained how authority and keys of the priesthood are different than power of the priesthood and how we as women should make sure that the power of the priesthood is always present in our homes. It was one of the best talks I’ve ever heard on the role of women in the Church. It will be broadcast on BYUTV in the next few days. Watch for it and don't miss it. Or if you don't get BYUTV be sure and read it as soon as it is available.

I’m sorry you couldn’t all be there, but here is a picture of the gathering so you can pretend. Imagine 17 or 18 thousand women surrounding you—all gathered in one place to learn more about their Savior. Imagine the feeling that would generate and the love, joy, peace that is present. It is electrifying!


Christa Johnson said...

I wish I could be there. My friend, Heidi Dixon is one of the presenters. She is amazing! Maybe next year this cancer will calm down enough for me to go.

runningfan said...

Christa is talking about me... :) I was there! Sister Beck's talk and Sister Pearce's talk were easily my favorites!