Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our Day in Reno

Did I tell you how much I love technology? (See yesterday’s post!) Well I do! Yesterday we explored Reno while we waited for D2 to arrive. I had been given the address of a really good vegetarian restaurant and for lunch we tried to find it, but couldn’t. When traveling I do everything in my power to avoid the chain restaurants and find local restaurants. I used to do that by asking local people where to eat, but I now have an app on my Iphone called Around Me. I logged on, asked for restaurants and it told me that 98 feet away was a restaurant. We were in an area that was once residential with quaint streets lined with beautiful homes which were built in the early 1900s. So I was surprised to find that there was a restaurant on the next corner.

It was in one of the old homes, a two story On the outsides was a big sign “Daughters Cafe.” So we ventured in, liked the menu, and sat down for lunch. The waitress was the owner. Her mother was the chef. We sat in an old window nook and soaked in the shabby chic ambiance. The friendly waitress treated us like family and told us the history of the area, it was the first subdivision in Reno, and of the home, which is now haunted by friendly ghosts.

I ordered mushroom leek soup and Mr. J ordered paprika chicken. The soup came with a grilled Swiss cheese and dill pickle sandwich (I know it sounds weird, but it was so good!) and a salad and a small Strawberry Cassada. Everything was delightfully delicious!

In short, the food was divine, the atmosphere enchanting, and the down home friendliness heart-warming. The waitress loved taking care of people and did it well. It you are ever in Reno, be sure to stop at Daughters Café, 97 Bell Street. They serve breakfast, lunch, and only desserts at night. 

So, hurray for the “Around Me” app. I love technology!


Anonymous said...

Nice to have something to look forward to the next time we are in Reno. Thanks!

Reno Homes said...

Looking like a very interesting place. You can get this kind of place very rarely.