Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Having survived brain surgery and Grizelda, I firmly believe in miracles. That was a BIG miracle, but I also believe in little miracles and in daily tender mercies from the Lord. Our days are full of them if we just take the time to pay attention. On Sunday one of those not so little miracles happened to me.

I got up Sunday morning to write my post for this blog about the Resurrection. After it was finished I proceeded to post it, but couldn’t log onto the Internet. I did all the things I’ve done before when things aren’t working like check the cords, unplug the modem and plug it in again, turn off the computer and restart it, but nothing worked. Almost without realizing what I was doing as I worked I kept talking to God asking for help. It wasn’t a formal prayer, but I was addressing Him as if in prayer and just talking to Him. I spent a couple hours trying to post and was about to give up when suddenly I got an Internet signal and was able to post the test. Then I went on line to find the pictures I wanted and the Internet went out again. Again I unplugged, restarted, checked cords and nothing worked. Then all of a sudden I got the signal went on line long enough to post the pictures and again the Internet went out.

By then I was almost late for Church, so I got ready, attended Church, came home, and  had Easter dinner with D5 and her family. That night after the company had gone home and everything was cleaned up I went back to the computer to check my email. But again I couldn’t get a signal. This time I asked my husband and he couldn’t get a signal either and so we checked the desk computer and we couldn’t get on line with it either. So we called our service provider. After a myriad of questions she told us that the modem we have is out of date and no longer supported by them. “But I got on this morning,” I said. “You shouldn’t have been able to,” she replied. “We’ll send you a new modem.”

I’m posting this from work, and still marveling at the fact that the unworkable modem at home worked just long enough to post my entry on the Resurrection. 

Miracles happen.

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