Saturday, December 3, 2011

More on the Truth Test

I discovered after yesterday’s post that I had written about the Truth Test before. I just couldn’t find it. But repetition is good.

Like I said yesterday, the Truth Test is especially good for long-term vexation and especially powerful if you write out your feelings and answers. But once you’ve used the Truth Test and learned the questions, it does work for daily vexation to ask yourself the questions in the order they come and ponder the answers. Usually I find myself laughing at myself as I realize that I am out of truth and into illusion. Other times I do get all the way to the last question and then am able to change.

The most important thing about the Truth Test is to use it. I know it sounds like a simple solution to a big problem, but it really works. Try it and then email me and let me know your story.

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