Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's "Word of the Year" Time

The new year is fast approaching and the time has come when people choose their New Year's Resolutions. But I've found that a list of goals becomes overwhelming and by the end of January I'm discouraged and done with resolutions so I don't set goals instead I pick a Word of the Year. Two years ago my word was rejuvenate and this year my word was grateful.

To make the Word of the Year work best choose a verb—an action word—and then constantly remind yourself of your Word of the Year. For example, when I chose rejuvenate, I let the word underscore everything I did. If I was cleaning house, I’d think about rejuvenating it—doing it better and/or more effectively than ever before. If I was studying, I’d think about rejuvenating my studies—having more enthusiasm and excitement in my study. If I was with friends, I’d think about rejuvenating my friendship—not taking friendship for granted but cherishing it and giving more to it. Instead of feeling like something extra or burdensome to do (like a goal often seems), my word resolution simply enhances and invigorates everything I am already doing. In this way I help the natural process of letting the Spirit renew and guide me day by day without getting discouraged or being tempted to give up. I love it!

This year I’m still trying to decide between two words. It has been so difficult that I was tempted to use both, but I know from experience that part of the power of choosing a Word of the Year is the focus and when I pick more than one word the effort becomes diluted and is much less effective.

As soon as I decide which word, I'll let you know. In the meantime, what words are you thinking about? And what experiences did you have last year with your Word of the Year?

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