Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Today I'm grateful for encouragement. I'm thankful for those who have encouraged me and I'm thankful for everyone who has encouraged anyone else. Everyone needs encouragement at one time or another. Encouragement makes the world go round.

I'm writing this thanks to electricity. The electric light in this room allows me to see what I am doing, and I am so thankful for all the people who encouraged Thomas Edison so that he didn't give up and leave me in the dark.

I am thankful for all the people who encouraged Alexander Graham Bell and all those who have improved upon his idea to send voices along air waves. I remember the days of picking up the telephone and telling the operator what number I wanted. Now I speak to my daughters clear across the United States while I'm shopping in the grocery store.

I've always been grateful for these marvelous inventions, but this Thanksgiving I'm also grateful for the unknown people who kept the inventors inventing. Most of us will never be inventors, but we are all have a voice and are well equiped to be an encourager. I'm grateful for that, too!


Wendi said...

I like that picture. And I'm thankful to be one of those behind the scenes encouragers, since I don't have a lot of obvious other talents. :)

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Wendi, You are a great encourager. I know because you encourage me!