Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just a Few Salted Words

Some of you put salt on your salad, but did you realize that the word salad is derived from the Latin word for salt which is sal?  It seems that Romans loved a dish of vegetables that were highly salted and the dish became know as salad.

You may have also heard that Roman soldiers were once paid in salt and thus we got the word salary. That isn't exactly true, but the word salary is about salt. Salt throughout history has been very valuable. Sometimes equal to gold in value. And because of its importance in sustaining life, Roman soldiers were given a daily ration of salt. But someone decided that instead of carrying large containers around so they could dispense salt to every soldier it would be easier to give them all a monetary allotment and let them buy their own salt. The money alloted became know as salary and from there we get the phrase, "He isn't worth his salt."

It is impossible to go about your day without encountering something that has to do with salt. Tomorrow you may even encounter the word salvation. If you do, think about what it has to do with salt.

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