Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanks for Thanksgiving Week!

I have to begin this Thanksgiving week by saying how grateful I am to all of you who follow
Good News!
and especially those of you who leave comments
and let me know there is really someone out there reading this.
I also want to announce that awhile back I responded to the comments people left on
Good News!
but I stopped because it didn't seem anyone was reading them--
especially the person I was responding to.
But I miss the interaction and so I am going to respond once again to comments that are left here.
So be sure to look back if you left a comment and read my response.
I hope you enjoy every moment of this week of gratitude!
Of all the holidays in the year, Thanksgiving is my favorite
and that's why I'm making it into a week long celebration instead of a one day event.
I am thankful for so many things I can't fit it all into one day!
Today I'm concentrating on you and friends and family relationships. I'm so very grateful!


DeRae said...

Thank you Sherry for sharing your incites.It is a blessing when you tell me things that I am in need of hearingp at that time. You are inspiring. Thanks again for taking the time to do this blog for us!

Wendi said...

I'm thankful for the things you write on your blog that teach me so much. I don't usually have anything profound to say in my comments, but I'm thankful that they make you feel good anyway. I'm not a big fan of holidays, in general, but Thanksgiving is my favorite one too. And, this year, I am going to allow myself to really enjoy the pumpkin pie because I've reached my goal of losing 46 pounds over the past two years. Yay! :)

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

DeRae,Thanks for being such a good friend.And thanks for the comments. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Wendi, You are a faithful follower and I always enjoy hearing from you. Congratulations on the 46 pounds! That is an amazing feat! I am so proud of you.

Camille said...

I am grateful for your blog!

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Camille, Thank you so much. I appreciate knowing that someone is reading it!