Saturday, November 10, 2012

Winter From My Window

Winter From My Window
Usually when I look out my window, it is the vast blue sky that dominates the view. But today all I can see for as far as I can see is a thick, white blanket of snow. The grey sky blends in making the world unusually uniform. Every branch of every tree is a thick white stick, except for the evergreen trees whose never dying green peeks through bowed branches as if teasing me.
I love winter. As I write I'm cuddled in a warm electric throw Mr. J surprised me with a few weeks ago saying that he had the perfect gift for me and couldn't wait until Christmas. I'm so glad he didn't.I love it. I love the feeling of being cuddled and hugged. That's why I love my down filled coat that I finally get to wear after it's hung lifeless in the closet all summer.

But it isn't just cuddling and enjoying the beauty that makes me love winter. Going out in the snow (as long as you don't have to stay until you are chilled through and through) is an adventure and makes me appreciate coming back indoors all the more. I was running errands when the storm hit yesterday and I laughed all the way from the mall to my car as huge flakes of white chill settled onto my head and face. I didn't use an umbrella or hat because I wanted to feel it--to be part of it.

In short, I love winter... and summer... and spring...and fall. I think what I'm most grateful for is the variety. What a boring life it would be if were always spring.

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