Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I've been cleaning and purging my house lately in an effort to simplify and this sorting through old things has brought back a lot of memories. It has also caused me to realize that a lot of my life is forgotten. I'll find something that at one point I must have thought important to hang on to but I now have absolutely no clue as to what importance it had or why I saved it.

As we talk about Living in Truth I think that is an important thing to realize. Not only does the meaning of material things we have fade away, but most of the things that vex us now will mean nothing to us in a year or two. So why do we let them vex us now?

Forgetting is not always a bad thing. To forget offenses we might have taken, to forget about what other should or should not have done, to forget our past mistakes, to forget the human foibles of others, to forget others' mistakes is good not bad.

Sometimes in our effort to Live in Truth the best thing we can do when we are feeling vexed is to ask ourselves, "Is this going to matter one year from now?" and if the answer is, "No!" then laugh at ourselves and move on.

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Wendi said...

I need to do some de-cluttering and simplifying at my house too! This post is very good advice. :)