Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rejoice in the Truth!

Happy Birthday Mr. J!
Today is Mr. J's birthday! His work celebrated his birthday yesterday with a cake that said, "Happy 50th!" He took a picture and has shown it to everyone. "Cake's don't lie," he says with a big smile. But we all know better.

And what does Mr. J's birthday have to do with Living in Truth? Lots, and it's not about the words on the cake.

When we Live in Truth we find joy in the simplest things. Instead of hating, dreading, and trying to forget something like a birthday (creating Unnecessary Pain!), we embrace it and enjoy it. Birthdays give us a chance to make a day exciting and extraordinary--not like all the other 364 days of the year. Whether we want to or not we are getting older every day. So why spend a birthday crying, whining, wishing, regretting that we are a year older, in other words, CAUSING ourselves pain when we could use the day as an excuse to gather the people we love most around us and have a great, memorable time?

That's what we did yesterday with friends, and we're going to celebrate again today, and again Sunday! Birthdays and anniversaries are a time to rejoice!

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