Friday, February 28, 2014

Embark on the Hearken Path

Most people think that the opposite of depression is happiness, and thus they try to find things to make them happy. But you can have all kinds of things that make you happy and still feel depressed or blue. The irony of this fact is that it increases the depression in people who know they have everything to be happy about yet feel down in the dumps. In addition, you can have all kinds of unhappy, depressing events going on in your life and still be happy. It isn’t the events or the pleasures or the things in life that cause us to be depressed. 

So if happiness isn’t the opposite of depression what is? The answer is vitality. When we feel down in the dumps we have lost our vitality for living. We lack vigor and enthusiasm and motivation to do anything. We go through our days feeling numb and haunted by a feeling that there must be more to life. While this lack of vigor and enthusiasm can happen because of physical reasons, just as often it happens because of the way we think. 

The GOOD NEWS! is that there are ways to revitalize your life. 

The dictionary defines vitalize as “to give life or energy to something.”  And that’s what Hearken Institute is all about—vitalizing your life, your relationships, and your business helping you change the way you think.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured!

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