Monday, February 24, 2014

Sail Toward the "Port"

 Image from: by Scott Chan
Hearken Institute is all about helping you Live in Truth. And why should you Live in Truth? There are many reasons, but one is that when you Live in Truth you experience life differently. For example instead of seeing situations around you as problems, you see them as opportunities.
The word opportunity itself teaches a lot about this concept. Opportunity means, "a favorable juncture of  circumstances." That's a good definition, but there is something more to this word. You may have noticed that there is a "port" in the middle of the word. That is significant. Sail toward it!
Opportunity comes from the Latin word opportunus which consists of the prefix, op- meaning "toward" and portus meaning (You guessed it!) "port or harbor." If traveling by ship, a port is your entry into a city which means you are approaching your destination which means you are now going to be able to carry on the business you came to do, or to enjoy visits with friends and family, or to start a new life, or to refuel the ship, or to take on needed supplies, or even to invade and conquer. But to do what you had come to do, you first have to take advantage of the port and enter it.
When we think of what we sometimes call problems as "ports of call" or refueling stations encountered along the journey of life that are an opportunity to restock supplies, and unload and/or exchange cargo, we are Living in Truth. These opportunities become exciting adventures that prepare us for the rest of the journey.
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