Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What is Hearken Institute?

If you are one of the Good News! followers or are one of my Facebook  friends you have by now heard of Hearken Institute, but you may be wondering what Hearken Institute is. Well, let me tell you . . .
Over the past eight years I’ve been researching and developing the principles of Living in Truth. Five years ago,  I began teaching seminars around the country and at Brigham Young University’s Campus Education Week on the things I’ve researched, how to vitalize your life, and have been delighted with the response I’ve gotten. For the past three years I’ve also written the daily blog, Good News! about these same principles and how to apply them into daily living .
Now (Drum roll, please!) I have founded my own business, Hearken Institute, to more effectively teach people how to vitalize their lives, their relationships, and their businesses. Why? Because I have personally experienced the vitality, zest, and joy that Living in Truth has brought to my life. I used to be the world’s biggest pessimist. I lived in a constant state of vexation (PAIN!) and didn’t even realize what joy, peace, and excitement life has to offer.
Most people think the opposite of depression is happiness, but the opposite of depression is vitality. I didn’t know it then, but the old vexed me was living life in a numb state—not  depressed in the clinical sense, but certainly not excited or enjoying life. The new me is full of vitality! I love it and want to share how to tap into that vitality with everyone who wants a better life.
So that’s what Hearken Institute is all about. Helping others to discover and Live in Truth—to live a vitalized life.
Check us out at Hearken and PLEASE help us out by going to our Facebook page and like it so you can receive reminders about how to Live in Truth.
But most of all, if you are in the Orem area, come to the festivities to help us launch Hearken Institute. You’ll find out more about Hearken Institute and we will be giving away some fantastic door prizes. One lucky person will win the grand prize—a  free Hearken Now seminar!
If you want to come to the Hearken Launch follow this link to register. Hope to see you there!

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