Friday, July 3, 2009

God Trusts Us!

There is something else about people who Live in Truth that is important to understand. Living in Truth means seeing life differently.

When living in the realm of Illusion we tend to think of God’s commandments as onerous and difficult—something required by the task master. They are a burden that makes life difficult and unpleasant. We sometimes even feel like keeping the commandments is some kind of favor we are doing for God. But when we Live in Truth, we realize that it is a privilege to keep the commandments. It means God trusts us to be like Him—to live like He lives. The commandments are the way back to heaven.

You wouldn’t give the keys to your new car to someone you don’t trust to take care of your car or who doesn’t have the intellectual ability or inclination to learn to drive well. Neither would God give us the keys to His kingdom if He didn’t trust us. The sad thing is that so many have betrayed that trust. Therefore, when we Live in Truth, instead of feeling overwhelmed or burdened or regretful over the commandments, we recognize what a gift they are—the very key to heaven—and we rejoice as we implement them in our lives.

The beautiful painting "Stairway to Heaven" is by artist Jim Warren and was found at

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Wendi said...

That is a beautiful picture. Thanks for this perspective on being obedient to the commandments. :)