Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I opened my Book of Mormon this morning and a phrase marked in red jumped out at me: “Let your hearts rejoice” (2 Nephi 9:52). And so I did!

Without moving from the place I’m at, I’m rejoicing at the sun warming my cheek. The music of the hall clock as it marks the hour. The soft breeze created by the fan overhead. The bright colors of the books lined up on my book shelves. The pictures of my grandkids, one infant with his foot in his mouth, and the picture of my girls when they were young lined up like steps from the youngest to the oldest and wearing dresses I made for them. The figurines that characterize my daughters and sit on the bookshelf each day watching over me, bathing me in warm memories of all the good times we have spent together. It is amazing how in any given moment we can stop and find so much to rejoice over!

Stop for a moment and rejoice in what is around you. Then tell me what you discovered.


Anonymous said...

Monday night our air coinditioning crashed. Since it is central air and the windows are always closed, we started opening every window we could. Although it didn't make it terribly cool, the fresh smell of the night air and all the crickets and owls was so wonderful we both just sat down and listened. I am so grateful for my home and lovely yard, but just sitting and enjoying the simple smells and sounds of the night was very calming. I had forgotten, since I don't sleep outside or camp much anymore. My husband and I both decided we need to stop and do this more often, as there is something refreshing and comforting in taking time to enjoy the simple things around us. :)

Anonymous said...

The last comment was from me. Sorry i forgot my name, I guess I'm too wrapped up in what I was saying and didn't pay attention.

Wendi said...

I'm rejoicing in my soft, comfy bed with my son (who isn't feeling well). I love that I can rest and read with my kids during the summer days and keep cool from the hot summer temperatures with the fan blowing on us. :)

Megan said...

A sleeping 4 year old. A cleanish house. A sewing project. One on one time with my 6 year old. Momentary peace and quiet. And air conditioning (for sure)!