Sunday, November 8, 2009

Close to Heaven

Today was our Primary Children's program at church. Then we went to our daughter's ward and watched our grandson, Eli, in his Primary program. Two Primary programs in one day! It is always my favorite church meeting--to watch all those little children sing and give talks about their Savior touches something deep within me. It was all I could do to keep from weeping.

In addition to that, during Relief Society in my ward, a little boy and a little girl, both about a year old, were playing together. The little boy was standing and the girl sitting on the floor. Gently he reached over and carefully patted her head, then he gave her his toy, and she reached up to touch his tummy and they went on conveying love and delight without any words. It was so tender to watch. I couldn't help but feel like I was witnessing a bit of heaven.

I have decided that there are two things I can always do that will help me feel the Spirit in my life. First, I can offer a prayer of thanks for some blessing in my life and the Spirit comes. Second, I can watch small children. Their innocence and love are contagious! Doing both things always draws me closer to God.


Laresa said...

It was our primary program today too. It is my favorite Sunday of the year. Children are so sweet and full of surprises on this day. My children had many surprises for me today, I am sure you can just imagine what they were like.

Anonymous said...

Our Primary Program was today as well as our grandchildren. Best Sunday of the year and leaves us feeling so blessed. Time spent with children chases the other problems of the world right away and fills me with gratitude to be able to be part of their lives.

textracy said...

The primary program is my favorite church meeting also. Children are so sweet and when they sing you can feel their strong spirits and testimony. Children truly are amazing examples of love.