Saturday, November 7, 2009

Preventing Emotional Flu

During the first meeting of a committee I once served on it became obvious that one woman in the group thought she was more qualified to be chairman than the man who was chairman. She wasn’t rude or obnoxious, but in subtle ways let it be known that she knew much more than the rest of us including the chairman and that she really should be directing the committee. During subsequent meetings she usually spoke up quite a bit and tried to take the discussion in ways the chairman was not intending to go. But one day when we met she remained unusually silent. She sat next to me quietly listening to everyone else, and I thought maybe she'd changed her mind and had gained a new respect for the chairman. But even as I thought that I became aware of a strange vexation within me and couldn’t figure out why I was suddenly feeling such negative feelings. Nothing had happened for me to feel negative about! I was even thinking this positive thought about the woman.

I tried to shake the feeling, but couldn't. Finally the meeting ended and as I left the room I heard the woman speaking to the chairman. It was obvious that during the meeting she’d bottled up some negative, critical feelings which could no longer be contained. At that point I suddenly realized that the vexing feelings I’d felt during the meeting were coming from her. I’d picked up on the negative energy she was sending out even though no words had been spoken and I had no other sensory clues as to what was going on.

It was a great lesson for me. Emotions are as contagious as swine flu! We do give off negative or positive energy that influences those around us. When we are aware of this, we can consciously direct our positive influence to help and benefit others. But most importantly we can recognize when we have picked up a negative “virus” and use the Truth Tools to get rid of it before it makes us sick or spreads to others.

Have a Truth filled day!


amanda said...

very insightful, sis. johnson. i will remember this especially during this month of thanksgiving and try not to be a "carrier" of any flu. Thanks for sharing!

Laresa said...

I love this post and have thought about these thoughts often. I always look at the person and think do they know that they are giving off such negative energy. It sure does carry with us even if we don't say any words.

Anita said...

I guess this explains why I can never have the luxury of being in a bad mood all by myself... when I'm in a bad mood, EVERYONE'S in a bad mood! So much pressure... :)