Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today's the day! My favorite day of the year. And now I want to hear how all of you thankful people felt all month as you daily gave thanks.

I thought I knew how wonderful it would be, but it turned out even better than I thought. My heart would start out the day so full that sometimes I felt like I'd burst with joy. I've enjoyed this gratitude state of being so much that I hope I can keep it up. The other thing that surprised me is that I didn't even begin to run out of things to be grateful for. There is so much!!! I am so blessed!

So now you tell me. How did your thanksgiving month go? What did you experience?


Wendi said...

Here is a post that describes some of the things I've been thankful for this month:

Anonymous said...

I agree with you- there is no way to run out of things to be grateful for from large to small. When you really think about it, it is overwhelming and pretty much brings me to tears. Happy ones, of course. Even things that are generally seen as negative, such as health problems or employment worries, have their little silver linings, and the next thing you know, you see a real blessing there. The best for me, though, are the simple things. Listening to my daughters all comparing recipes, or teething hints. Watching the grandchildren be so excited to see each other again, or the baby tasting her first apple pie. The laughter from the family room as the guys play their favorite video games and and tease each other trying to outdo each other. It just settles over me like a soft cloud of joy, peace and blessedness.Wonderful month!!


Following your lead I invited grandchildren (living in many far away places) to email me their "grateful choices" and we made a long list. The outcome was thrilling. Just today, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, a young grandson phoned to ask if he could add three more things to the list. Thank you for this great idea. I conclude that there is power in focusing on the positive with a grateful heart.