Monday, November 23, 2009

Powered by Truth

One of the big problems that comes from living in the Pit of Illusion is that we become ineffective. Let’s use an example of mothering. You have a child that isn’t doing well in school and you begin to think things like, “I should be a better mother. I have failed my child. He’ll never get into college. I should have learned more in school so I could help my children. Why did I play so much instead of studying?” And with those thoughts you spiral deeper and deeper into the Pit but nothing happens to solve the problem.

But what is the simple truth? Your child is struggling in school. Does that mean you are a failure as a mother? No! So deal with the truth. Stay in the Realm of Truth. In that Realm, with the help of the Spirit, you can determine if you can help the child or if you need a tutor or if you need to get the child into a different class or whatever.

When we wallow around in the Pit of Illusion, we experience pain—unnecessary pain. But in addition we fail to help the people we were sent here on earth to help. There is no limit to the good we can do when we live in Truth because it is in the Realm of Truth that all good happens.


Laresa said...

What a great post. And great example. I have experienced that first hand and because I didn't fall into the pit my child is different today. I am happy I was able to listen to the spirit and help him. There is no better JOY to feel knowing that you did what was right. ( I have mnessed up plenty of times, but I am not even thinking about those times)

Wendi said...

I appreciate this reminder--because my daughter happens to be struggling in school even as I write this. I'm thankful that I can check her grades on Power School and that I can e-mail her teachers. But I need to keep praying that she'll learn how to follow through once she's at school. Only the power of prayer and the Spirit can help her to do that. :)

dani said...

I really like this too! When I can live in truth, I can continue to just love those around me, rather than create stress and drama in my life!