Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mother’s birthday—84 years Young. And I mean that literally. You see, her maiden name is Young and she is always reminding us that she is forever Young—something the rest of us can’t claim. Mom’s mother died when mom was just sixteen years old and being the oldest sibling she became the housekeeper and nurturer to her two younger sisters. That housekeeping status stayed with her. I’ve never known anyone who keeps house as well as my mother. Nothing is ever out of place. What most women do for spring cleaning, my mom does on a monthly basis. Every appliance, every nook of her house is always spotless. (That gene missed me!)

One of the great things about my mom is the traditions she established while she was raising us. Of course there were wonderful traditions on holidays like Easter and Christmas, but Mom had more. There was always green food on St. Patrick’s day—green milk, green pancakes, and yes, green scrambled eggs! And I can still see one of my brothers who loves to start the day with a bowl of oatmeal sitting on the stairs crying every April Fool’s day because she made soup and sandwiches for breakfast and pancakes for dinner. You’d think he’d remember from year to year, but he didn’t!

Mom is a hard worker and at 84 can still out work me and most people half her age. She has endured a great deal of adversity and hardship in her life, but has endured it well and without complaining. In short, she is amazing and I love her.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, she looks wonderful and has always been such a pretty lady. I'm sure you enjoy having those genes. I'm glad she's doing so well and hope that she has a wonderful day, she truly deserves it!