Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Truth Workshops In CA

It’s a snowy morning here in Utah. Mother Nature has been quite a tease this year. One day is bright, beautiful spring and the next is winter again. I think I heard her chuckling this morning as I walked.

I failed to tell you all how it went on Saturday and I should also explain why I was so concerned. Just a month ago I was very worried. I knew I had this weekend of Truth Workshops scheduled and that I would be teaching half a day on Saturday, but I was physically struggling to get through the two hours of teaching my classes at the University. I was also very discouraged that I had not gotten my stamina back. The doctors had told me it would take about a year and then with the setback of doing the radiation, I was told it would take even longer. But it had been more than a year and I had no strength. I would finish the two hours of teaching Book of Mormon and barely have enough energy to make it back upstairs to my office. Then I’d have to rest at my desk for at least a half hour before I could slowly walk to my car to go home and once home I was not good for anything the rest of the evening. I was worried and discouraged. But again the miracles happened.

A woman in my neighborhood, who is an herbologist, suggested I take Sun-chlorella and my bishop has a company that makes some very good vitamins. So I began taking both and within days I was beginning to feel better and to have more energy. Within a week I was making it through my university classes just fine. But I had not taught for 4 and ½ hours in a single day and was not sure if I could go that long. It is surprising to me how much energy teaching takes. But it went surprisingly well. I was tired at the end, but it was a normal kind of tired that anyone would feel after that long, and I was not wiped out! It was wonderful and not just because I made it through. The people were wonderful and the woman in charge of the luncheon did a magnificent job of making it special. She even had refreshments for people during the breaks and decorated the tables so beautifully—it just set the mood and made everything special.

So thanks for your prayers and your concern and your love! And thanks to the people of Hanford, CA. You are wonderful!


Wendi said...

That's great that it went so well and that you've found solutions to some of your recent health struggles. My doctor doubled my medicine and I'm seeing a new therapist now. I'm hoping that things will start to improve for me too. This Utah weather sure is unpredictable! And I could use a little predictability on this roller coaster of life! :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how solutions to problems come from unexpected sources. If you weren't so concerned for the workshop, you may not have started the herbs and vitamins yet. I know it is important to be well and "recovered", but if the energy isn't there, it leaves you in a pretty bad spot. You can't get back to normal without some decent stamina. It sounds like you're on the right track, and the things you need to do are going to be more enjoyable because of it. Now we just need some nice, sunny spring weather and the pretty flowers that go with it. :-)


Happy for your well deserved miracle. You do so much good -- the Lord and His angels are closer than we know. Happy Easter. ~Susan