Saturday, March 27, 2010

Living in Truth in California

Last night went very well. I was supposed to speak at 7:00 but there was a baptism in the room at 6:30 so we couldn't get in to set up. I was so delighted to watch everyone involved--they were Living in Truth! The missionaries decided that after the baptism they would move to another room for the confirmation. The people in charge of setting up for our class weren't the least bit vexed. One woman said, "We may have to start a few minutes late, but that won't hurt anything!" As soon as the baptism crowd left the Relief Society room, several people of their own accord helped turn the chairs back to the front of the room and a very knowledgeable man set up the screen and projector and we were ready to go on time! It was actually exciting to see people living in Truth at the very time we were talking about it. People are wonderful and it is such a blessing for me to get to meet and know so many of them.

Now for today! I will be teaching the other three sessions (4 snd 1/2 hours) of the Living in Truth workshops in one day. I've done that much teaching in a day before, but not since the surgery and radiation. I'm praying for a miracle--that I have the stamina to physically make it through this.


Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you and sending good thoughts. I'm sure Heavenly Father will not only help with your teaching, but give you the strength you need to present it the way you want. xoxoxo

Cathy said...

It is great to choose to be happy even when things do not turn out the way 'we' plan. I love the picture of the smiling kitten!

6L's said...

i hope it went well!