Saturday, March 6, 2010

Review: Word Resolutions

How is your “word for the year” coming along? It is now three months into the year and I am loving this. Everything I do I think, “rejuvenae” and it makes me do it better than I’ve ever done it before. In addition, I’ve rejuvenated some old friendships, and rejuvenated some attitudes that needed rejuvenating, and I’ve rejuvenated my study habits.

I’m loving my rejuvenated life! And it’s not over yet! I still have nine months of rejuvenation left!

Leave a comment and let us know how your word resolution is serving you!


Dani said...

The word I chose was "humble". I love how just having chosen the word has brought it to my attention in my scripture study, in people's comments at church, and in my interactions with others. I have also found it tying in with "gratitude" when I have searched for a way to be more humble. I find that finding gratitude to others and to Heavenly Father is helping me learn to be humble!

Martha said...

I chose the word "create". To me, since I love art and music, this word puts a more positive spin on looking at things in my life that are hard and challenging right now. I ask myself, what do I ultimately want? What am I doing right now to create it?
At first, I began to feel very humbled because I thought about how great a Creator Heavenly Father is (!) and how even the very air I breathe is his creation, so how can I even presume to think I can create much of anything and call it "my creation"?
But then, I was reminded of a couple things...first, in giving us our agency, EXPECTED us to create. In fact, creating something isn't a choice...only WHAT we create is a choice.
The second reminder came while reading about the creation, and thinking of the temple, when God says, "yonder is matter unorganized". I think that all of this life on earth is full of unorganized matter. Any of our problems, of any nature, are what this "matter" consists of. There is plenty and to spare. Enough to give us experience in how to use our agency, and grow to be like him.