Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy July!

I read an affirmation on the Internet this morning that I liked, especially since I am about to have a new experience. It said, “I step confidently into each new experience, expecting only good.” Having been born the world’s biggest pessimist and then cultivating that negative way of life for years, I struggle to change decade old habits. I know I should expect only good, but when you’ve traveled life seeing only the bad and have so often encountered failure and the “not so good,” it is hard to change.

However, I know I should. All I’ve learned about Living in Truth tells me that there is always some good even in what appears at first to be disappointment or failure. And I am determined to learn to see that good and to expect that good. I’m working hard at it and am finding this is another area in which the Truth Tools are valuable.

So I am flying out for New York and then Ireland with expectations of good things ahead. I’ll keep you informed as to how I’m doing, and what good things I’m finding. July is going to be a good month!


6L's said...

this is very true. last august, our family was hit by a drunk driver. i was pregnant and 3 kids and hubby in the car too. kids were fine, baby was fine, hubby got whiplash and i had some pretty bad hip stuff that had me going to the chiropractor my whole pregnancy (i was only 13 weeks at the time of the accident). our car was totalled and the whole ordeal was just a pain BUT the good that came of it was financial. it wasn't something we had expected to get. we didn't sue to get it but the insurance has been paying us settlements for each person as treatment has been completed. during this almost year of time, we've had large expense after large expense come our way (home AC needing to be replaced, vacuum, blender, washer/dryer, etc, etc..). if this hadn't happened, we would not have had the money to be able to pay these things and would have built up alot of debt or had to go without what we feel are pretty important things. i can totally see the positive that has come out of a bad incident. :)

Wendi said...

Good luck with your efforts to expect and find the good as you travel. And I love that picture of the fireworks! :)