Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wet But Happy

We started today in the Palmyra temple. As you walk into the lobby, and if you kept going straight there is a window that looks over the valley and into the Sacred Grove. It is a majestic sight to be standing in a temple and looking at the place the first vision occurred. After the session we went to lunch and found a berry stand that sells fresh berries and shortcake. The shortcake with mounds of fresh strawberries and raspberries tasted like something right out of heaven. Then our shift started and we went to work. Our first station was to patrol the Grove, and we had gotten quite far into the Grove when it started to rain.

Rain is an understatement, but I don't have a word for what it was doing. It was more like buckets of water being poured over us. By the time we got out of the Grove I was soaking wet clear to the skin. We made it to an awning that is the Information Booth and spent the rest of the day there. It continued to pour and the awning leaked and the wind kept us chilled, but I'm not complaining. I kept thinking that the Smith family experienced this kind of weather and now I had too. We were facing the apple orchard the whole time which is the place where Joseph fell as he crossed the fence and Moroni appeared to him for the fourth time in about 20 hours. I kept seeing that over and over in my mind.

We also saw a young deer cross the field and go into the Grove. I wonder if the animals know what a special place this is.

(The picture is of me and was taken just minutes before the rain started.)


Miss Amy said...

So happy you found Chase Farms! :)

Machen said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

Wendi said...

Yeah, the rain on the east coast is a whole different thing than the rain in the west. It comes down in sheets and drenches you. Someday I hope to go back and see those sites again. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. :)

KJQ said...

Thank you for sharing all your experiences. It has been so fun to read.