Thursday, December 16, 2010

Celebrating Christmas—The Star

How fitting that the Light of the World was introduced to the world by a new star. 
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine being in a dark, dark room 
when suddenly a speck of light appears. 
It is amazing how much hope and love 
even just a tiny bit of light introduces in a dark place.

On that first Christmas, a new star appeared. 
Piercing the darkness, it stood above all nations, 
far above and untouched by anything worldly, 
and like the tiny light in a dark place it brought with it hope, love, and joy
to all who would pay attention. 
It was a visible testimony that the Son of God had at last 
been born to pierce the moral darkness of the world.

But this symbol is more than metaphor. 
Christ is the Light of the World. His light, the light of Christ, 
still shines to guide wise men and women to their promised land,
where they can live forever in a place where there is no darkness but only light.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Beautiful!