Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It’s “Word of the Year” Time

Only two more days left of 2010 and that means it is time for a new word of the year. For those of you who weren’t reading the Good News! last year, I don’t do new year resolutions. Instead, I pick out one word to concentrate on for the entire year. That way instead of having to keep track of lots of goals, I just apply my word to whatever I am doing at the time.

My word for last year was Rejuvenate and it worked so well I almost decided to use it again this coming year. If I was cleaning the house, I was thinking about rejuvenating the house—cleaning better, deeper than I ever had before and we redid the entire basement. If I was talking to friends I was concentrating on making the friendship better, and we looked up some old friends and renewed friendships we had missed. I think you get the gist, I learned new recipes, studied some new subjects, and rejuvenated my health! It was a great year.

But after thinking about it, I’ve decided I do need a new word for 2011. (Hopefully rejuvenate is now habit and will stick with me.) So, my new word for next year is Gratitude. Whatever I do, I am going to do it with gratitude.

I’d sure love to hear your word of the year experiences from 2010. And I’d love to hear your 2011 word choices. You’ll find that sharing them with someone else makes your commitment stronger. If you aren’t comfortable leaving a public comment, email me at smillsjohnson at 

Choose a word and get ready for the new year!


Wendi said...

My word for the year is an unusual one. It is de-clutter. I want to de-clutter my stuff, de-clutter my life of anything that's not truly important, and de-clutter my mind of unhealthy thoughts. I really need to start exercising and so I hope to walk over to my mom's house more often and do my de-cluttering over there, since all our extra stuff is stored in containers there in one of her closets. I need to have it manageable so I can bring it all back to our house when they go on their mission in the fall. Wish me luck! :)

runningfan said...

I wasn't reading your blog last year, but also focused on one word during 2010: JOY. It changed my life.

Still trying to figure out what to focus on in 2011...

Dani said...

Thank you so much for this. I chose a couple of words last year that did make a difference in my life. This word will affect some of the same situations, but from a different angle, so I am choosing ENJOY Last year I was focusing on love and some I may still enjoy the moment by loving someone, but I will be focusing on how I can enjoy each moment more (or find more joy in each moment):)

Becky Rose said...

do you know about this blog? This idea for the new year?

Martha said...

Last year after your "word" post, I decided to join you, and I have loved having a word of the year instead of resolutions! Last year I chose Create.
This year, my word will be REJOICE!
My world is full of reasons why NOT to rejoice right now, but I have so many blessings, and I want to celebrate them this year. I almost chose the word Celebrate...but it isn't enough. I want to find and create all the joy I can handle, and "cheerfully do all things that lie in [my] power". Rejoice is the best way to sum that up in one word, for me.

Kim said...

For the last year and half my word has been diligent. I wanted to change the word last year to something else, but could never make up my mind so it just stayed the same.

This morning as I was writing a post a couple of words hit and I a debating on using 2 words this year. I will make my mind up later, here are the words,


I think how I am going to approach these words--I am going to discover something either I need to change, work on and then learn to accept what I have discovered.

Wow! I almost have my post written--Thanks

Happy New Year!

Kristen said...

The two words I am thinking of right now are FAITH and CALM. I am working on strengthening my faith and living with faith in everything I do. I also am working on being more calm. Reacting calm in stressful situations and creating more calm in my life.

Do you think it's best to choose just 1?

6L's said...

last year was LOVE and this year is DISCOVER. i look forward to discovering lots! happy new year and thanks so much for your blog!
laura :)

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Kristen,I do think it is best to choose just one word. It seems that when I zero in on one thing it goes deeper, sticks in the mind better,and just plain works where two words don't. I guess the old adage the simpler the better is what works here.