Sunday, December 12, 2010

Take Time To Ponder

Find your favorite creche today
and sit for awhile to ponder
what the event we are celebrating, 
Christ's Mass, 
really means to you.
The birth of Christ is what Christmas and every Sabbath celebrates.
My favorite. The olive wood creche I bought in Israel.

P.S. Celebrate means "to mark by festivities or other deviation from routine."


Wendi said...

I appreciate learning that definition of celebrate. I plan to share the Christmas symbolism you've shared so far with my family in FHE tonight. :)

Christa Johnson said...

I love all your Christmas insights! I am going to share your website with my father-in-law, he would love it. He has taught institute, seminary, and directed LDS pageants many years and he LOVES learning about all the symbolism in our Church. You might even happen to know him, Lund Johnson....???? Just wondering if you guys have crossed paths in all your teaching.