Saturday, June 18, 2011

Down With Vexation

Yesterday I toured two gigantic, beautiful homes that are part of the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. I went seeking ideas for decorating my own home, but found myself bombarded with many thoughts and feelings I hadn’t expected. One home consisted of 17,000 square feet and the other 14,000. Both had swimming pools and marvelous outdoor living areas.

Now I’ve seen homes like that before, and before they were so big and so extravagant that they were like fairy tales that you listen to but don’t believe. These kinds of things have always been fun for me to see but so far out of my league that they didn’t affect me. But for some reason yesterday the elegant furnishings, everything necessary for opulent living, and luxury to the max that were evident in every square inch began to eat away at me. As expected I came away with lots of ideas, but what I didn’t expect was the discontent. I found myself full of ingratitude for what is mine, self-pity for what I don’t have, and discouragement.

But . . . the blessing was that I recognized immediately what I was doing wrong and began pulling out the Truth Tools to eradicate the vexing feelings before they did much damage. I am soooo grateful for Truth Tools. Within a short time, the “poison” in my soul was gone and I was fine. Then, just a few minutes ago I found myself Anchoring, not because I was consciously forcing myself to Anchor, but because it is becoming a natural habit. While in that state of enjoying the hope, peace, love, gratitude and joy of this present moment I realized I may not have all the materials things life offers, but I have something much greater!

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